Curious about what it takes to learn to fly? We host a FREE Private Pilot ground school twice a year. We are currently accepting registrations for our eight-week winter ground school which will begin January 22nd. If you’d like to add your name to the list for the winter ground school, just contact Kevin Morrison in the form below or directly at to reserve your spot!

Items you’ll need:

Bolded items may be available at the Rochester Airport terminal building.

*Purchasing Rod Machado’s book is optional, but you may find that having the book is helpful!

Classes meet weekly and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Rochester airport terminal building.

Useful Links for Students

- FREE Ground School!  Click here to learn more!


- FREE "Study Buddy" from Sporty's: A test prep computer program.


- Video: How to Use the E6B Flight Computer






- Video: 5 Types of Altitude Explained




  • Find out all the information you ever wanted to know about any airport 🙂



  • Listen to real pilots and air traffic controllers in real time.


- Sectional Chart Symbols

  • Not sure what that symbol means?  Look it up here!


- AOPA Weather Briefing

  • This is not an official weather briefing site, but if you are a member of AOPA, you get to have free access to this helpful tool.




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