Flight Training Scholarships

Flight training can be expensive.  But there are many organizations who are offering scholarships for students and adults alike.

Check out this list below!


AOPA Flight Training Scholarship

EAA Flight Training Scholarship List

SMS Pro Aviation Scholarship (July 1st and December 1st)

Get Into the AIR Scholarship

LaPorte Aeroclub Scholarship for students

Women in Aviation Scholarships (not just for women)

I Hart Flying (for women 18-26 looking to get their Private)

More scholarships specifically for women

FullThrottle Aviation Skills Enhancement Flight Training Scholarship (for instrument rated commercial pilots needing to build time)

FullThrottle Aviation Internship Program (join a ferry pilot for up to 100 hrs. of flying time)

FlightScholarships.info (a great compilation of scholarships)

Aviation Scholarships Facebook Page