N12874 C-172 Skyhawk


Current Rental Rate: $125.00 (Wet)


Useful Documents:


Owner’s Manual

Weight & Balance Planner

Garmin GNC 300XL Pilot’s Guide

Garmin GTX 345 Guide


General Information:

N12874 – 1973 Cessna 172 M Skyhawk II
Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming
Engine Model: O-320
Serial Number: 17262333
Category: SEL
Type: Normal
IFR Certified: Yes
Fuel Capacity:  – 38 gallons usable
– 42 gallons capacity


Aircraft V-Speeds:**

V-Speed MPH
Vr: (Rotation Speed) 60MPH
Vx: (Best angle of climb) 68MPH
Vy: (Best rate of climb) 91MPH
Va: (Maneuvering Speed) 112MPH
Vfe: (Max flap extended speed) 100MPH
Vno: (Max structural cruising speed) 145MPH
Vne: (Never exceed speed) 182MPH
Vs1: (Stall Speed (clean)) 57MPH
Vso: (Stall Speed (dirty)) 49MPH
Glide:(clean) 80MPH

Note:  All Speeds are for Gross Weight (2300 lbs) aircraft.

* POH / AFM are the final authority for this information.  Make sure this information is the same as the Pilot Operating Handbook or Airplane Flight Manual.


Weight & Balance:**  (Current W&B) (MFC W&B Planner)

Max Gross Weight: 2300.00lbs.
Basic Empty Weight: 1425.97 lbs.
Useful Load: 869.6 lbs.
Payload: 641.6 lbs.
Moment: 55570.03
Center of Gravity: 38.97 in.