Free Instrument Ground School


Offering our first free Instrument Pilots ground school!

*Note that with the pandemic, we may have to push back the dates, but feel free to get your name on the list!

UPDATE: Classes will now start Tuesday, May 5. It will run Tuesday nights from 7:00pm local to 10:00 pm for 8 weeks.

The target audience is:

  • Instrument students who want to prepare for the knowledge test
  • Instrument students who want to supplement their flight training
  • Currently instrument rated pilots who would like a refresher
  • Anyone else that might be interested in what all this instrument flying stuff is about


Location: Rochester Airport Terminal Building, 545 N SR 25, Rochester, Indiana.

Contact Cliff Hill at or 734-502-5291 or via the email form below to reserve your spot!

Classes meet weekly and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Rochester airport terminal building.


Items you’ll need:

We’ll be using the following materials:

  • Instrument Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-15B
  • Aviation Weather AC_00-6B
  • Aviation Weather Services AC_00-45H
  • 14 CFR Part 91
  • 14 CFR Part 61
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

All can either be purchased (Amazon, Sporty’s, etc.), can be downloaded for free at, or can be read online.


Useful Links for Students

- FREE Ground School!  Click here to learn more!


- FREE "Study Buddy" from Sporty's: A test prep computer program.



  • Get weather briefings and plan flights
  • FREE app that does everything ForeFlight does
  • App on iTunes: FltPlanGO
  • App on Google Play: FltPlanGO


- Skyvector

  • Not a legal source for weather and navigation, but still good info.


- Video: How to Use the E6B Flight Computer






- Video: 5 Types of Altitude Explained




  • Find out all the information you ever wanted to know about any airport 🙂



  • Listen to real pilots and air traffic controllers in real time.


- Sectional Chart Symbols

  • Not sure what that symbol means?  Look it up here!


- AOPA Weather Briefing

  • This is not an official weather briefing site, but if you are a member of AOPA, you get to have free access to this helpful tool.