Free Private Pilot Ground School

 Our winter ground school is almost over, but our summer session will begin sometime in August and be announced here, on social media, and the local newspapers later this summer. 

When: Summer session TBA


Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Cost: Free



Target Audience:

  • Private Pilot students who want to prepare for the Private Pilot knowledge test
  • Private Pilot students who want to supplement their flight training
  • Current pilots who would like a refresher
  • Anyone interested in becoming a pilot and wanting to see what it involves


Items you’ll need:

We’ll be using the following materials:

Other materials that can be found online free (linked) or on Amazon:

All can either be purchased (Amazon, Sporty’s, etc.), can be downloaded for free at, or can be read online.




Useful Links for Students

- FREE Ground School!  Click here to learn more!


- FREE "Study Buddy" from Sporty's: A test prep computer program.



  • Get weather briefings and plan flights
  • FREE app that does everything ForeFlight does
  • App on iTunes: FltPlanGO
  • App on Google Play: FltPlanGO


- Skyvector

  • Not a legal source for weather and navigation, but still good info.


- Video: How to Use the E6B Flight Computer






- Video: 5 Types of Altitude Explained




  • Find out all the information you ever wanted to know about any airport 🙂



  • Listen to real pilots and air traffic controllers in real time.


- Sectional Chart Symbols

  • Not sure what that symbol means?  Look it up here!


- AOPA Weather Briefing

  • This is not an official weather briefing site, but if you are a member of AOPA, you get to have free access to this helpful tool.