The economical way to fly!


The Mentone Flying Club is an economical option both for the person who wants to earn their pilot’s license and for the person who already has their license but can’t afford their own plane.


We have a rich history of pilots who have learned to fly with us.  More than 500 people have received their pilot’s licenses while being club members. The current 70+ members of the MFC, come from all walks of life. A few are retired or active military pilots, others are medical doctors, business professionals, preachers, law enforcement, farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, and even high school students.


The Mentone Flying Club gathers periodically for picnics, family outings, as well as monthly club meetings every third Friday at 7:00pm.


You must be a club member to fly the aircraft. Flight training in the Mentone Flying Club is under Part 61.


How to Join the Club


We have two types of members in our club:

  1. Social Members
  2. Owner Members


Social Members

Every member joins first as a social member. As a social member you can participate in club activities such as our annual pancake breakfast, cookouts, club trips, and meetings.

Fee: $50.00 a year



Owner Members

After being a Social Member for at least 30 days, you may be voted in as an owner member. Owner members have all the privileges of a Social Member, and can also fly the aircraft, vote in the meetings, and run for office.


  • One-time buy in of $295
  • Monthly dues of $50.00



Steps to becoming a member:


1. Submit Social Member application


Any person wishing to become a member of the club must first submit an application for membership. The application forms may be obtained at the bottom of this page, contacting us here, or by contacting one of the club officers. Your initial membership fee is $50.00. This makes you a social member for one year even if your full membership is denied, or is pending until an owner-member sells his/her membership.


Upon receipt of an application and $50.00, the corporation will consider it for approval at the upcoming monthly meeting (every 3rd Friday at 7:00 p.m.). The applicant is strongly urged to attend this meeting. The applicant then begins a 30-day probation period which ends the following meeting. During this probation period the applicant is requested to help with the care and maintenance of our hangar and our aircraft, and to attend any club activity.




2. Owner Member Approval


After the 30-day probation the applicant’s membership will be finalized. If the application receives a vote of approval the full membership fee becomes due immediately. Upon payment the applicant becomes an owner-member and receives his/her certificate of membership.


To become an owner/member simply request it either by contacting an officer, or at the next club meeting. You will then be voted in as an owner/member. A check for $295.00 must accompany the request. You must also bring a copy of your drivers license and passport/birth certificate for our TSA records.


The financial responsibility of a member is explained in the bylaw book under section XIV, par. 8. Continued costs to the owner/member is a $50 monthly dues charge.  This is strictly enforced. Monies owed the club are due at the end of the month when you receive your bill. When your account is 30 days past due you will be grounded from flying the airplanes. When your account is 60 days past due your membership will be terminated if arrangements are not made for payment.


If you want to sell your membership you may do so. If the club sells your membership for you; you will receive 75% of your initial investment, excluding all outstanding indebtedness. It may take 3 or 4 months to sell a membership; therefore you will be responsible for your dues until your share is sold.


Note: Remember, as a club owner member, YOU are an owner of the airplanes you fly. Take care of them accordingly. By far, our largest expense is the repair and upkeep of the aircraft.


A membership certificate entitles the holder to fly the corporation’s aircraft and allows him/her privilege of voting and holding an office in the corporation.



Forms Needed for Joining

Mentone Flying Club Application

Credit Check Form

Parent / Guardian Financial Responsibility Agreement (21 & Under)

If you wish to become an owner-member, please bring a copy of your drivers license and passport/birth certificate for TSA records. We can also make a copy for you at the meeting if you bring the documents with you.


Orientation Forms:

Mentone Flying Club NEW MEMBER orientation Flight Form

Mentone Flying Club IFR GPS Checkout