Joining the Mentone Flying Club

Social Membership:

You must join as a social member for at least 30 days after which you will be eligible to become an owner/member if you so desire. A fee of $20.00 must accompany the application for social membership. It is important that you appear in person with your application. If unable, a representative may be sent or other arrangements are possible on rare occasions.

Social members have the same privileges as an owner/member except they can’t vote or fly the airplanes. They are encouraged to take part in all other activities such as trips, work details and above all hanger flying.  Continued social membership is $20 per year.

Owner Membership:  (120 Member Limit)

To become an owner/member you must request it. You then will be put on a list to become an owner/member. A check for $295.00 must accompany the request.

The financial responsibility of a member is explained in the bylaw book under section XIV, par. 8. Continued costs to the owner/member is a $25 monthly dues charge and an annual pilot assessment fee of $250.  This is strictly enforced. Monies owed the club are due at the end of the month when you receive your bill. When your account is 30 days past due you will be grounded from flying the airplanes. When your account is 60 days past due your membership will be terminated if arrangements are not made for payment.


If you want to sell your membership you may do so. If the club sells your membership for you; you will receive 75% of your initial investment, excluding all outstanding indebtedness. It may take 3 or 4 months to sell a membership; therefore you will be responsible for your dues until your share is sold.


Note: Remember, as a club owner member, YOU are an owner of the airplanes you fly. Take care of them accordingly. By far, our largest expense is the repair and upkeep of the aircraft.


Mentone Flying Club Application

Credit Check Form

Parent / Guardian Financial Responsibility Agreement (21 & Under)

Mentone Flying Club NEW MEMBER orientation Flight Form

Mentone Flying Club IFR GPS Checkout